We are currently full and not accepting applications until further notice.

(More info below**)



MAIN SITE 7:00pm – 7:30pm

GREENS LANE 7:00pm – 7:30pm



Last food order 15minutes before close


Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday 9am – 1pm
Wednesday 9am – 1pm
Thursday 9am – 1pm
Friday 9am – 1pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm
Sunday 9am – 1pm



Many apologies and thank you for your understanding


~(posted 17/12/2023) XMAS CLOSURES

Lakes closed : Xmas Day & Boxing Day
Cabin Reopens: 01/02/24 (Weekends Only)
                          01/03/24 (Normal Hours)
*As always folks even though the cabin is closed, we are still around for pellets, tackle etc.

The Liverpool Dockers are having their usual Winter league on Greens Lane so no pleasure pegs will be available on the following dates. Sorry for any inconvenience:
Jan – 6th/13th/27th
Feb – 3rd/17th/24th


~(posted 01/02/2023) **CAFE OPEN**

See times above


~(posted 27/11/2022) **CAFE CLOSURES**

FROM 1ST DEC: Café will only be open Thursday’s & weekends (exceptions below) until further notice. Pellets etc., will still be available.


~(posted 13/03/2022) Café will be closed for the Grand National Weekend

Café will be closed over the Grand National weekend – Saturday 9th April & Sunday 10th April


~(posted 01/03/2022) Café Winter Hours ARE NO MORE!

The Café is back to serving food Tuesday – Sunday.


~(posted 05/12/2021) Café Winter Hours 

FROM 13/12/2021 the Café will only be open on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.


~(posted 04/12/2021) Sunday Open Lake Change

The Sunday open match on Mistral will now be on Marin until further notice.

Normal draw time (see Marin lake page for more info).


~(posted 03/12/2021) Marin Open

There will be no Wednesday Marin match now, until next year.

Many thanks to all who have turned out over these past months, we really appreciate your support.


~(posted 06/11/2021) Winter is here!

 CAFE NOW CLOSES 1PM (12:45 Last Orders!)




~(posted 01/04/2020) Matches are back on!

Until work is finished around Mistral, the open will be on Marin
      Apologies to pleasure anglers for any inconvenience.

Sunday Open (Marin) – 10am draw, fishing 11-4
Wedneday Open (Marin) – 11am draw, fishing 12-5

There are limited spaces available for the open, so would advise anglers to book on to avoid any disappointment.


~(posted 11/01/2020) OPEN TOMORROW (12/01/2021)

The thaw has set in nicely and some pegs are now free of ice so we will be opening the gates from tomorrow morning with the cabin reopening on Wednesday 13/01.

Please be aware that a goverment lockdown is still in effect. We ask that all anglers follow our on site rules & continue to keep everyone on site safe.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support through this pandemic & we look forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe all.


~(posted 07/01/2020) PERMITTED TO OPEN…BUT

We are now permitted to open as usual with the covid restrictions in place.

BUT… All lakes are currently frozen so we will be remaining closed until the thaw sets in. We have made this decision to ensure the safety of our members & fish stocks.


~(posted 29/11/2020) CLOSED DUE TO COVID

We will be closed until further notice due to the new Covid-19 restrictions.


~(posted 29/11/2020) ALL MATCH ANGLERS:

Even though we are situated in Tier 3,  we will be permitted to restart our open & club matches from Wednesday 2nd December onwards. Please note our Sunday open will be 09.30am draw, fishing 10.30am-3.30pm.  All of our Covid/social distancing rules remain in place. Cheers guys!


~(posted 09/09/2020) Ground-bait back in stock!

We’re stocked back up on Bait-Tech Super Method Mix (1KG).

*Stock is likely to come and go as suppliers aren’t back to normal yet!


~(posted 23/06/2020) Hook-lenths back in stock! (No Ground-bait)

We’re stocked back up on all hook lengths & baiting needles (including speedstop). Some items will also be available to purchase on our website within the next few days.

Please be aware we are still unable to stock ground-bait. (micro pellets still available!)


~(posted 16/06/2020) Tackle Shop Stocking Issue

As some may have already noticed, our stock of hook-lengths has become extremely limited. Due to high demand, manufacturers are currently unable to provide stock of many items. 

ALL Banded Hook-lengths (4″ & 15″), Baiting Needles & Ground-bait are completely out of stock.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will keep you posted on this matter!


~(posted 07/06/2020) Spawning finished!

The Carp have finished spawning and are feeding well!


~(posted 29/05/2020) Carp Are Currently Spawning

Please be aware, as of this morning the carp are now spawning, we therefore ask you to avoid fishing in the margins where carp are spawning.

This is to reduce the risk of foul hooking fish that aren’t currently feeding!


**~(posted 28/05/2020) Membership Applications Postponed**

We regret to inform those that are not already members, we have now made the decision to postpone new applications until further notice. This decision has been made to ensure that the site doesn’t become overcrowded and remains a pleasurable environment for all anglers and our fish stock.

Any updates regarding this will be posted here and on our public Facebook group, we apologise for any inconvenience and hope you can understand our reasoning behind this decision.


~(posted 11/05/2020) (COVID-19) REOPENING

We are pleased to announce that as per the official statement, Mescar Fisheries can reopen on 13/05/2020

Please be aware that social distancing measures will still be in place!


Anyone who is NOT A MEMBER will need to bring completed forms with payment, on or before the day they wish to attend.


Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the bank again!

(Cabin closed but bait & tackle available on request)


~(posted 23/03/2020) (COVID-19) CLOSURE

We regret to announce that as per the official statement, Mescar Fisheries will be closed with immediate effect.

Further updates will be posted here

Anyone who has already joined our MEMBERSHIP scheme will have their renewal date extended to compensate.

Thank you all for your continued support and stay safe.



Whilst Andy, Jay and I remain healthy (and long may it continue!!) we will continue to open unless otherwise instructed. Although we will have to introduce some ‘dont’s’ i’m afraid.

We would ask anyone showing or been exposed to cold or flu like symptoms to respectfully not attend the fishery.
As disruptions to schools continue would request that for the time being, students refrain from gathering at the fishery as an alternative and would ask parents to assist us with this.

Please be aware, we may refuse entry.

We apologise for these unprecedented measures but hope you understand.


~(posted  01/11/2019) *CABIN CLOSED TILL MARCH 1ST*

The cabin will only be open match days but we will be around if you need bait/tackle. So don’t forget your flask! 


~(posted 26/09/2019) *MISTRAL LAKE CLOSURE UPDATE*


We’re happy to announce the reopening of Mistral. The Sunday open and Thursday club matches are back on as normal and any further information can be found on the Mistral Lake page. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support on this matter. We’re happy to say the fish are fighting fit and have put on a good bit of weight throughout their recovery period!


~(posted 01/07/2019) *MISTRAL LAKE CLOSURE UPDATE*

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and offers of help, we really do appreciate the support.

We’re happy to say the fish are looking much healthier and the mortality rate has dropped to zero. Although signs are great and we are now able to open mistral, we will be continuing with the closure to ensure the fish are definitely back to full health.


~(posted 25/06/2019) *IMPORTANT NOTICE* (MISTRAL CLOSURE) 

Many apologies but we have taken the decision to close Mistral Lake to all anglers (Inc. Matches) from today for 2 weeks. This is to allow carp to continue with their spawning as stress free as possible.

MATCHES: The next 2 Thursday & Sunday matches have been cancelled. We have made a few calls but could all match anglers please pass the word around.

Again, many apologies and thank you for understanding. Be sure to check back for further info.


~(posted 27/02/2019) GREENS LANE PONDS CLOSURE! SATURDAY 02/03/2019

Please be aware that the last winter league club match is this Saturday. Greens Lane will be open as usual as of Sunday 3rd March. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



From Wednesday 3rd April we will be hosting a 21 match summer league on our new Marin Lake. Matches will be every Wednesday, 11am draw fishing 12 – 5. Entry fee is £20 on the day, paying top 3 and sections depending on turn out. The top 10 in each match will receive points based on their result. Your best 16 results count, meaning you can actually miss 5 matches and still be in with a good chance. Best of all, the league winner picks up £500 donated by Mescar Fisheries! 

All details on display on site and on our Instagram and Facebook pages, don’t forget to follow! 


~(posted 21/12/2018) HOLIDAY CLOSURES

Please be aware, we are only closed Christmas Day Boxing Day! Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at MescarFisheries.


~(posted 15/11/2018) THURSDAY MATCH MOVES LAKE

Thursday 6th December – Please be aware that the Thursday club match will be on Mescar as of December. Pleasure pegs still available! 


~(posted 15/11/2018) MAINTANCE WORK!

Tuesday 20th Nov – Please be aware, we will be continuing with maintance work from pegs 1 – 19 on Mescar. Although these pegs will still be available, do expect some brief disturbances. We appreciate all of your cooperation during this time.