Mescar Lake

Mescar (dug in 1998) is a well stocked 4.5 acre lake with 5 bays and 1 island. Popular with all types of anglers as it boasts its huge variety of course fish. Mescar is a great lake for getting a serious bend in the rod/pole with plenty of double figure carp and even a few 20LB creatures lurking in the depths.



Carp to 23lb (mirrors and commons)

Bream to 5lb

Roach to 1lb 08oz

Rudd to 1lb

Ide to 2lb

Perch to 4lb


Average depth;



Deep pegs;

19 – 22 to 6ft

56 to 6ft


Hints & Tips;

(17/05/2022) All species are feeding well, so make sure to keep the bait going in!

Keep your eyes on these hints & tips as they’ll likely change over the coming weeks!


Hot Baits;

Pellet (Micro – 8mm)

Bread (Flake & Punch)