Mistral Lake

Matches – Sunday Open (10am Draw, Fishing 11am – 4pm)

**Thursday Closed Club Match (9:30am-3:30pm)

**Pleasure pegs still avilable 


Mistral is a 3.5 acre, open lake, well stocked with carp (mirrors and commons), chubb and barbel and is gaining a reputation in the match fishing world as being a fair and consistent lake, boasting its consistency from peg to peg. This said, we only close this lake on Sundays for our weekly open (and occasional Saturdays, see our Facebook page for further info), so there’s plenty of availability when it comes to pleasure fishing!



Carp to 16lb

Chub to 3lb

Barbel to 5lb


Deep Pegs;

All pegs 3-5ft


Hints & Tips;

(17/05/2022) Start sessions with a little and often feed & adjust accordingly. Pellet on the bomb/small feeder is working well.

Keep your eyes on these hints & tips as they’ll likely change over the coming weeks!

Hot Baits;

Pellet (Micro – 6mm)

Maggot (Dead Reds)