Marin Lake

Marin is a 3.5 acre lake with one large island, with almost every peg having an island chuck, with a range of 28-35 meters depending on the peg. Stocked predominantly with mirrors and commons you can almost be sure, if the float goes under its got to be a carp!



Carp to 8lb


Deep Pegs;

All Pegs 4 – 5.5ft


Hints and Tips;

(31/05/2019) Use a little and often approach to feeding at the start of all sessions and up accordingly when fish are feeding well. Be aware, during the warmer weather you will need to feed a lot more often. Fishing shallow on the pole/waggler is a great way to catch during these warmer spells (ensuring to feed small amounts often!).


Hot Baits;

Pellet (Micro – 6mm)