News MATCH RESULTS + HINTS&TIPS UPDATED REGULARLY SUNDAY OPEN MATCHES NOW HELD ON MISTRAL (See Page) NEW WEBSITE DESIGN LAUNCHED   Add Us On Facebook! ---> A great review of Greens Lane Ponds has been written up over at FishingInTheNorthWest and can be found on their webiste (Link Below). “I decided to fish the pole today (the venue is very fish able on a number of methods that will catch you a few fish also), setting 3 top kits up, Shalla, Deck, and Margin, I was told by the lads that the fish will take Shalla for the first couple of hours...” Check out the full review and cracking photos Here! Big thank you to Dave Williams, Darren Tracey and Barry Smith. FishingInTheNorthWest GREENSLANE REVIEW FishingInTheNorthWest MESCAR REVIEW (Click Here) (Click Here)