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Current opening hours

Main site 7am – 6:00pm

Greens Lane Ponds 7am – 5:30pm


~(posted 26/09/2019) *MISTRAL LAKE CLOSURE UPDATE*


We’re happy to announce the reopening of Mistral. The Sunday open and Thursday club matches are back on as normal and any further information can be found on the Mistral Lake page. Thank you to everyone for your patience and support on this matter. We’re happy to say the fish are fighting fit and have put on a good bit of weight throughout their recovery period!

~(posted 01/07/2019) *MISTRAL LAKE CLOSURE UPDATE*

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and offers of help, we really do appreciate the support.

We’re happy to say the fish are looking much healthier and the mortality rate has dropped to zero. Although signs are great and we are now able to open mistral, we will be continuing with the closure to ensure the fish are definitely back to full health.

~(posted 25/06/2019) *IMPORTANT NOTICE* (MISTRAL CLOSURE) 

Many apologies but we have taken the decision to close Mistral Lake to all anglers (Inc. Matches) from today for 2 weeks. This is to allow carp to continue with their spawning as stress free as possible.

MATCHES: The next 2 Thursday & Sunday matches have been cancelled. We have made a few calls but could all match anglers please pass the word around.

Again, many apologies and thank you for understanding. Be sure to check back for further info.


~(posted 27/02/2019) GREENS LANE PONDS CLOSURE! SATURDAY 02/03/2019

Please be aware that the last winter league club match is this Saturday. Greens Lane will be open as usual as of Sunday 3rd March. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



From Wednesday 3rd April we will be hosting a 21 match summer league on our new Marin Lake. Matches will be every Wednesday, 11am draw fishing 12 – 5. Entry fee is £20 on the day, paying top 3 and sections depending on turn out. The top 10 in each match will receive points based on their result. Your best 16 results count, meaning you can actually miss 5 matches and still be in with a good chance. Best of all, the league winner picks up £500 donated by Mescar Fisheries! 

All details on display on site and on our Instagram and Facebook pages, don’t forget to follow! 


~(posted 21/12/2018) HOLIDAY CLOSURES

Please be aware, we are only closed Christmas Day Boxing Day! Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at MescarFisheries.


~(posted 15/11/2018) THURSDAY MATCH MOVES LAKE

Thursday 6th December – Please be aware that the Thursday club match will be on Mescar as of December. Pleasure pegs still available! 


~(posted 15/11/2018) MAINTANCE WORK!

Tuesday 20th Nov – Please be aware, we will be continuing with maintance work from pegs 1 – 19 on Mescar. Although these pegs will still be available, do expect some brief disturbances. We appreciate all of your cooperation during this time.