News MATCH RESULTS + HINTS&TIPS UPDATED REGULARLY SUNDAY OPEN MATCHES NOW HELD ON MISTRAL (See Page) NEW WEBSITE DESIGN LAUNCHED   Mescar Lake is a 4.5 acre lake with 62 pegs. It is an open lake with 6 bays, and 1 island, and an average depth of 6ft. SPECIES currently in Mescar are;    CARP  (mirror and common)  to 21lbs        ROACH  to 1.5lbs   RUDD  to 1.5lbs   GOLDEN RUDD  to 1lb GOLDEN ORFE  to 2lbs      SKIMMERS/BREAM to 5lbs CHUB  to 2lbs      PERCH  to 4.5lbs BAITS : Corn, meat, pellet, paste, bread, maggot, worm. SHALLOW PEGS: 44 - 50 DEEP PEGS: 19 - 22 BEST MATCH WEIGHT : 194LB HINTS & TIPS (12.04.17) :  With water cooling, it's time to lighten your gear and your feed. on the

pole, use soft pellet and feed micro or 4mm pellets but don't over feed. On the rod, fish bomb and

6mm pellet, feed 2 or 3 pellets at a time roughly at 5 min intervals. Still fish down the edge but don't

over feed. The best baits coming into the winter are corn, pellet and bread. N.B  Club matches are sometimes booked in on a Saturday or Sunday, but pleasure fishing is still permitted and there are plenty of pegs to go around.  Please telephone for further information.  Contact Page Add Us On Facebook! ---> FishingInTheNorthWest GREENSLANE REVIEW FishingInTheNorthWest MESCAR REVIEW (Click Here) (Click Here)