News MATCH RESULTS + HINTS&TIPS UPDATED REGULARLY SUNDAY OPEN MATCHES NOW HELD ON MISTRAL (See Page) NEW WEBSITE DESIGN LAUNCHED   Mescar Lake is a 4.5 acre lake with 62 pegs. It is an open lake with 6 bays, and 1 island, and an average depth of 6ft. SPECIES currently in Mescar are;    CARP  (mirror and common)  to 21lbs        ROACH  to 1.5lbs   RUDD  to 1.5lbs   GOLDEN RUDD  to 1lb GOLDEN ORFE  to 2lbs      SKIMMERS/BREAM to 5lbs CHUB  to 2lbs      PERCH  to 4.5lbs BAITS : Corn, meat, pellet, paste, bread, maggot, worm. SHALLOW PEGS: 44 - 50 DEEP PEGS: 19 - 22 BEST MATCH WEIGHT : 194LB HINTS & TIPS (27.12.17) :  Pellet, maggot, corn and bread are currently working well. Remember to feed little and often in the cold weather. Add Us On Facebook! ---> FishingInTheNorthWest GREENSLANE REVIEW FishingInTheNorthWest MESCAR REVIEW (Click Here) (Click Here)